Do you like my style and you need an illustrator who will make an illustrations for your project, write to me. I will gladly take on challenges.

The price depends on the difficulty of the project.

Write to me:

I like to combine magic and reality to create nostalgic images.

The surreal images I create should intrigue and fascinate, which leaves much to the imagination.

I always explore my inner magical world when I create a painting.

I draw inspiration from my daily life and nature.

My paintings are filled with love and curiosity about life and that is what I fill my paintings with.

My main motifs are: birds, horses, fish, butterflies, people and flowers.

My artist's job is in three visual styles: photography, paintings and illustration.

When I paint, I use different techniques: acrylic, oil and pastel.

Fascinates me most easily surrealism and abstract. - tworzenie stron internetowych